Our Return and Exchange policy is so simple, even a squirrel could do it (okay, maybe not a squirrel, but you get the point).


  • If you happen to receive the wrong order or a damaged item, let us know within three days. We'll make sure to return or exchange the product free of cost - because who doesn't love free stuff, right?


  • Now, when it comes to the actual return process, we have a teeny-tiny favor to ask. Please, pretty please, pack the product securely using either the original packaging or a new one that is similar in quality. We don't want to receive a box that looks like it's been through a tornado (we have a phobia of tornadoes, by the way).


  • Also, double-check that the packaging has the correct address written or printed on it. We don't want your package to end up in Timbuktu (although, we hear it's a lovely place).


  • Finally, please give us 4 to 7 business days for the order exchange. We're not The Flash, but we promise to hustle as fast as we can.


  • Start shopping and rest easy knowing that our Return and Exchange policy has got your back!